Finger Buffet

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    COLD FINGER BUFFET   43.00€/person
    2 salads + 3 sandwiches + 2 desserts

    COMPLETE FINGER BUFFET   57.50€/person
    2 salads + 2 sandwiches + 2 warm plates + 2 desserts

    Drinks included:
    Herbal teas & milk
    Soft drinks
    Mineral water
    Add wine and cava 8.40€/person
    (White wine, red wine and cava)

    Minimum service: 40 people (1 waiter for every 20 people) / 1’30 hour service

    Material included for a stand up service

    Warm gastronomy subjected to location conditions


    Potato, tuna belly, mini vegetables and virgin olive oil salad
    Tender leaves, dried tomatoes, feta cheese and walnuts
    Vegetable, pickles and tuna belly
    Seasonal salad with tender leave, carrots, tomatoes and olives
    Black quinoa, Norwegian poached salmon, fennel cream with lemon and trout caviar
    Pasta salad with olives, cappers, garden tomatoes and basil
    Mozzarella bocconcini, tomato, wild rocket with basil pesto and pine nuts

    Vegetable wrap
    Cereal bread with roast beef, salad and mustard mayonnaise
    Wheat Thins with smoked salmon and creamy cheese
    Ham & Cheese sandwich
    Focaccia of mortadella, cheese and confit onion
    Cereal bread with spinach, lettuce, asparagus, tomatoes and hummus
    Wrap of smoked ham, fresh cheese cream, rocket salad and nuts
    Polar bread with tuna, lettuce and pepper mayonnaise
    Oat bread with chicken, lettuce, mustard cream and honey

    Rice “fusilli” a la Norma with eggplant, tomato sauce and dry ricotta cheese
    Salmon cubes with citric butter, green asparagus and potato
    Gilt-head bream with fresh tomato and Mediterranean sauce
    Candied veal, shallots, gratin potatoes and roasted jus
    Free-range chicken, wild rice and red curry
    Tagliolini and vegetables sauté oriental style (Vegetarian option)

    Yoghurt with berries
    Fruit skewer
    Mini lemon pie
    Mini brownie de praline con avellana
    Traditional cake with apple and raisins
    White and black chocolate mousse