Salad Tray

  • · Tomato, mozzarella, rocket salad and Kalamat olives salad

    · Pickled vegetables and tuna belly

    · Potato salad with fennel, chips of smoked kassler loin


    12 units

  • · Japanese Green salad (mexclum spinach, shitake mushrooms, marinated salmon, sesame, Asian dressing)

    · Roasted peppers salad

    · Confit chicken, wok vegetables and Thai dressing


    12 units

  • · Prawns salad with vegetables, papaya, passion fruit and citric juice

    · Quinoa salad, carrots, zucchini, asparagus, edamame and soy cream

    · Roastbeed, pinenuts, sprouts, fresh herbs and chilli pepper


    12 units